Beth Iams Wellman

Elizabeth Iams Wellman

Ph.D. Candidate
Political Science | Yale University


  • Dissertation

    "Symbolic Inclusion: The Politics of Diaspora Voting"
    Committee: Elisabeth Wood, Susan Stokes, Susan Hyde, Katharine Baldwin, Loren Landau

  • Publications

    "Diaspora Voting in South Africa: Perceptions, Partisanship, and Policy Reversal."
    Afrique Contemporaine, (2015): 35-50.

    "Does Fraud Trump Partisanship? The Impact of Contentious Elections on Voter Confidence,"
    with Thad Hall and Susan Hyde, Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties. Revise and Resubmit.
  • Policy Commentary

    "Der humanitäre Impuls ist nicht genug,"
    with Loren B. Landau, Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft online (German), October 27, 2015.

    "South Africa’s Tough Lessons on Migrant Policy,"
    with Loren B. Landau, Foreign Policy Democracy Lab online, October 13, 2015.

  • Working Papers

    "Strategic or Symbolic Inclusion? Toward a Theory of Diaspora Voting"
    Presented at MPSA 2016.

    "Does Citizenship Travel? Constitutional Reform and Diaspora Voting Rights in Africa".
    Presented at ASA 2016.

    "Why Do Emigrants Vote? Evidence from a Transnational Voter Mobilization Experiment,"
    with Michael Ahn Paarlberg. Presented at MPSA 2017.

    "Do Remittances Buy Votes? Diaspora Electoral Impact in the Dominican Republic,"
    with Michael Ahn Paarlberg. Presented at ISA 2017.

    "The Paradox of ‘Partly Free’: Press Freedom in Authoritarian Regimes"
    Presented at MPSA 2013.

Papers available upon request


Teaching Fellow, Yale University

Certificate in College Teaching Preparation | In Progress

Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics | Fall 2016

Senior Thesis Consultant: Designed and taught workshops on research design and writing, provided feedback on drafts, met individually with students to provide support and guidance.

Sex, Markets, and Power | Spring 2016

Writing Intensive Discussion Section Leader: Led weekly seminar section for 14 writing intensive students. Facilitated discussions integrating course material (lectures and readings) with instruction for writing effective political science papers. Met individually with each student throughout the semester (approx. 40 meetings) for personalized guidance on writing structure and style. Graded three papers and final exam.

Head Teaching Fellow: Organized 230 students into 6 writing-intensive (WR) and 10 non-WR discussion sections; Coordinated weekly meetings with 11 additional teaching fellows from five different departments; Created discussion section plans, grading workflows, essay rubrics and exam questions.

Introduction to Comparative Politics | Spring 2014

Discussion Section Leader: Led weekly discussion sections, held office hours, graded exams, and guest lectured for undergraduate course on states, regimes, and conflict.

Post-Conflict Politics | Fall 2013

Grader: Held office hours, graded exams and papers, and guest lectured for undergraduate/graduate course on peacekeeping, reconstruction, and transitional justice.

Excerpts from Student Evaluations

  • Best teaching fellow I've ever had at Yale and it's not even close. Beth cares so much about her students, puts so much effort and energy into section, leads good discussions (especially in review for midterm and final exams), and is a quick/helpful/responsive grader. Really, really excellent overall. I don't have any suggestions, but hope that she continues leading sections in the Political Science dept. at Yale in coming years. Wow, was this a good section!

  • I thought that Beth was very helpful in section. She clearly knew the material and did a great job of teaching it and applying it during section. I especially appreciated her working with me outside of class for my papers. I can say confidently that she has helped me improve my writing exponentially.

  • Beth is the best TA I’ve had at Yale. She comes prepared with activities to make section enjoyable. She follows up on questions/comments after section. Beth is just all around wonderful and I am so fortunate to have had the chance to work with and learn from her.

  • Beth was an incredible TA and was the best part of this course by far. She was approachable, encouraging, helpful, enthusiastic, and dedicated. I feel very lucky to have had her as a TF.