I teach students to be engaged and critical thinkers, armed with the abilities to adjudicate between competing perspectives and to effectively communicate their own arguments. I believe it is critical to witness political science in action through experiential learning. I am also committed to building inclusive learning communities both inside and beyond the classroom. You can read more about my teaching philosophy here and statement on diversity here.

As a Teaching Fellow at Yale I served in a variety of teaching roles, including as a writing-intensive instructor, discussion section leader, and head teaching fellow for a large lecture course. I also completed the Certificate of College Teaching Preparation, a comprehensive program for doctoral students seeking advanced training in effective college teaching.


Comparative Politics, International Relations, Migration and Citizenship, Democratization, International Organizations and NGOs, Human Rights, African Politics, Multi-method Research



  • Senior Essay Consultant, Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics, Fall 2016

  • Head Teaching Fellow, Sex, Markets, and Power, Spring 2016

  • Writing-Intensive Section Leader, Sex, Markets, and Power, Spring 2016

  • Discussion Section Leader, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Spring 2014

  • Course Grader, Post-Conflict Politics, Fall 2013

Select Student Evaluations

Best teaching fellow I've ever had at Yale and it's not even close. Beth cares so much about her students, puts so much effort and energy into section, leads good discussions (especially in review for midterm and final exams), and is a quick/helpful/responsive grader. Really, really excellent overall.

I thought that Beth was very helpful in section. She clearly knew the material and did a great job of teaching it and applying it during section. I especially appreciated her working with me outside of class for my papers. I can say confidently that she has helped me improve my writing exponentially.

As a student with no initial background on the class topic who was often left a little confused after lecture, the section led by Beth was extremely helpful as we always managed to dive into further detail and go through every topic to its entirety. Beth was also very helpful with regard to improving my writing skills and helping me get through all of my papers (which isn’t easy as a mathematician)!