Presented at APSA 2017, CAPERS 2017 .

"Diaspora Voting in Africa"

Extraterritorial Voting Rights and Restrictions (EVRR) Dataset, 1980-2017 (with Nathan Allen and Benjamin Nyblade).

"Diaspora Voting in Kenya: A Promise Denied" (with Beth Elise Whitaker).

Presented at MPSA 2017.

"Why Do Emigrants Vote? Evidence from a Transnational Voter Mobilization Experiment" (with Michael Ahn Paarlberg).

Presented at ISA 2017.

"Emigrant Engagement in Homeland Elections: A Survey of the Dominican Diaspora Electorate in New York" (with Michael Ahn Paarlberg). Presented at ISA 2017.

Presented at MPSA 2013 .

"The Paradox of ‘Partly Free’: Press Freedom in Authoritarian Regimes"